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In assemblies this week we have been learning about the Sikh Guru Nanak. We watched a short film for children from the BBC

The children discussed their learning from his teachings about equality.

Both our assembly calendar and our RE (Religious Education) curriculum aim to develop the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of our pupils. Religious education (RE) is a statutory part of the primary curriculum for schools. However, there is no legal requirement about the way RE is taught, or what is taught within it.  Instead, it is the responsibility of local authorities (LAs) to agree an RE syllabus. We follow the guidelines provided within the Bury Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) document.

Earlier this month Ofsted published a report on the quality of teaching in RE entitled Religious education: realising the potential. If you would like to read the report here is the link to the Ofsted site

In our Humanities Task Team, led by Mrs. Ali, we discussed the report. We are undertaking a review of our RE provision which will involve a series of lesson observations, looking at the quality of work in children’s books and analysis of assessment data. Across a typical year in school we will write a ‘position paper’ on at least three different curriculum areas to ensure that we continue to monitor the quality of pupil achievement, the quality of teaching and the quality of leadership and management of the subject.

One of my main tasks as Headteacher is to monitor the quality of teaching and learning across the whole school. This week I held pupil progress meetings with each teacher in the school. During these meetings we look specifically at the most recent assessments carried out by the teacher and discuss the actions they may need to carry out to ensure progress for every pupil. This week the focus was on reading and writing. Following these meetings teachers may alter their teaching in some way, alter the children’s groupings or focus or add additional interventions for particular groups or individuals. I have enjoyed these discussions and I was impressed with the quality of the preparation and knowledge the staff brought to the meetings. This was also reflected in the feedback parents gave from the parents’ progress meetings held just before half term.


Our week ended with a wonderful assembly led by our Y4 class. We were entertained by their assembly about Diwali and in particular, by their celebratory dancing. The whole school enjoyed it enormously, especially the twist at the end which saw all staff taking part in the dance routine! A little bird told me that in their second run-through, the class insisted their parents join in…so sorry I missed it!


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