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Last week began with an assembly for Remembrance. The children found out about the meaning of the red poppy and listened to the sound of the bugle playing ‘The last post’. It is very moving to witness very young children conducting a silence and doing their best to understand the concept of Remembrance.

During the week our School Effectiveness Partner, from the Local Authority, visited the school on two occasions. His role is to hold the school to account in its work with children and to offer advice and support. He met with Mr. Rhodes to look at our assessment outcomes for 2013 and to look at our development plans for 2013-2014. He also met some members of the Governing Body to look specifically at the work I conduct as Headteacher and help set my objectives for the coming year.

The Attainment and Progress Sub-committee of the Governors met on Thursday to monitor progress in our priority area of writing. We also looked at how the school is using funding it has received from the ‘Pupil Premium’. See our Ofsted Inspection Report and information about Pupil Premium under the Key Information tab. I also met with the other Primary Headteachers from the Whitefield and Unsworth Cluster and we discussed a range of local and national issues affecting our schools.

It was very satisfying to see some wonderful examples of our children’s work during Well Done Assembly this week. Once a fortnight, two or three children are chosen from each class to show their work. Over the course of the year, every child will be chosen for something in which they have done their ‘personal best’. The children come to the front of the hall and show their work whilst the member of staff, who nominated them, tells everybody why they have been chosen. They receive a sticker and a well done postcard and their name is written in the well done book. There is always a very positive atmosphere in the hall during this assembly as everybody learns together how to celebrate someone else’s achievements.


If you are interested in the Pupil Premium, The Oxford University Press hosts some useful resources on its website, including the report ‘The pupil premium: making it work in your school’  . The website helps schools identify needs and deploy the pupil premium effectively.


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