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Christmas is coming!

As November comes to an end, all thoughts in a primary school turn to Christmas. This week, the children in Reception Class, Y1 and Y2 have been working hard rehearsing their Nativity play, Shepherd’s Delight. They have been learning the words to the songs and practising their moves. It is no easy task to make sure that all 94 children have their moment on the stage but we are looking forward to the two performances on Monday and Tuesday evening this week.

The children in the juniors are also starting to work towards their performances next week. It has been a tradition at our school for Y6 to take the acting roles in our Christmas pantomime each year. They have their parts for Snow White and they will be brilliantly supported by the children in Y3, Y4 and Y5 in singing.
For all four performances, all children will be dressed up and we thank you for your support in helping us to do that. The evening performances are magical and the children are so thrilled when they perform well in front of their families. As Headteacher of our school I always feel so proud of the efforts of the children and the hard work of the staff when I watch from the wings. I can’t wait!
In our staff meeting this week we reviewed our term so far. This year we have introduced quite a few new approaches including the increased use of e-learning such as My Maths and Bug Club. We have also been working to review our curriculum and homework approach with the implementation of the new National Curriculum around the corner. Obviously, during a period of change it is very important that we reflect on and evaluate our work. This may result in some modifications and further changes as September approaches. We will keep you informed along the way and will find opportunities to ask your opinion when we can.
The week ended with the arrival of our Christmas tree which was dressed ready for switch on this week. The school has been decorated and we are looking forward to sharing the festivities with you over the next few weeks.


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