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What have we done so far?

In September the council held a class council session.

We asked :

  • Tell us the 6 most important jobs they would like the council to do.





You said:

  • The willow dome has become messy and needs cutting.
  • The boys are not keeping their toilets clean.
  • The y3/4 toilet door is broken.
  • You all asked for worry boxes in your classes.
  • You asked for more equipment for break times.
  • Wet play times are causing issues.

We did:

  • Wrote a letter to Mr Dean about the toilet door, it is now fixed.
  • Wrote a letter to Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Canning to ask gardening club to tidy the willow, this has now been trimmed by the council gardeners.
  • Mrs Channon used the Sainsbury’s vouchers to get some equipment for break times, this has been shared between classes and are used daily.
  • Worry boxes are in most classes and councillors will continue to ask for all to be in place.

The council met today with Mrs Channon Thursday 19th December to discuss the issues raised at the last class council regarding wet play times. In the new year I will let you all know what the issues are and what we are going to do about it.

Merry Christmas!!

Mrs Channon

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