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I have very much enjoyed getting back to normal, spending the whole week at Unsworth. I led two assemblies this week, one on Monday when I introduced the theme of the week and our Well Done assembly on Thursday. This week we have been thinking about Epiphany and the Three Kings. We found out that Epiphany means ‘making known’ and it marks the time when the Three Kings arrived at the stable to see Jesus. In Well Done Assembly two children from each class were chosen to share their best work with the school. They are so proud when they stand at the front of the hall and hear their teacher telling everyone why they deserve the award. We also give out our Well Done trophy and lunchtime certificate at the assembly. This award is given to a child who is chosen by the Midday Supervisors because of excellent behaviour at lunchtime. When a child wins the award, they do so for their whole class and together they decide on a small ‘treat’ which may be something like an extra playtime. It promotes a team spirit amongst classmates and a recognition for children who always behave well. Each Thursday, after school, the Leadership Team meet to discuss teaching and learning and actions we need to take as a result of our constant self-evaluation. Each year we write a School Development Plan which identifies a small number of priority areas for us to focus on over the coming academic year. This year our priority areas were very much influenced by the Ofsted inspection report we received in July. As you know, we are aiming to regain our outstanding status by raising pupil achievement in writing. Currently,100% of our children make expected progress in writing which is higher than the national picture but to be outstanding more of our children need to make ‘better than expected’ progress in writing. The percentage of children making this needs to be higher than the national percentage for us to be judged as outstanding. Our figures in reading and mathematics exceed the national. At the Leadership Team meeting on Thursday we reviewed our action plans and the progress we are making with our School Development Plan. Mr Rhodes and I also began our termly pupil progress meetings with each teacher to look at the end of Autumn term assessment data. At these meetings we look at the progress being made by every child and review the approaches and interventions in our teaching. Our monthly newsletter has been sent out for January and in it you will see the new themes the children will be learning about this term. Take a look at the class pages for more information. Mrs. Hutchinson and Mr. Rhodes have worked hard to develop our communication with you this year through our website. This month we are hoping to develop our feedback feature where you will get the opportunity to respond to blogs etc. I would be very interested in knowing which aspects of school life you would like me to explain in my blog. Obviously, this will only be general issues. As always, if you have any specific concerns I am very happy to meet with you in school.   [whohit]headteacher7[/whohit]

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