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During our Monday assembly last week, the children watched a clip of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech. It was interesting to listen to the responses of the children after they listened to the speech. Whilst some of the older children knew who he was and what he stood for, some of our younger pupils could understand how he felt as he spoke and how the crowd responded to him. Throughout the rest of the week, the children found out about his life and his non-violent fight for civil rights. Our children really do think deeply about things and enjoy responding to the issues we share in our assemblies.

The Resources Sub-Committee of governors met on Thursday evening. It is the responsibility of this sub-committee to consider issues connected with finance, personnel and the school building and grounds. We looked at our current budget position and discussed our preparation towards our internal audit inspection which will take place at the end of this month. The auditor from the local authority will spend the day in school checking our organisational procedures to make sure we are working as efficiently as possible.

On Friday I attended the Bury Headteachers’ termly meeting with the officers from the local authority. At this meeting it was confirmed that all school budgets will suffer further cuts in this next financial year. It will be the job of the governors and the leadership team to ensure that this does not impact on the quality of teaching and learning in our school. As ever, we will endeavour to think creatively about how we use our funding to achieve the very best we can for our pupils.

In this week’s leadership team we conducted a book scrutiny as part of our on-going self evaluation work. This involves collecting a sample of children’s books across all classes across a range of subjects. We look at the quality of the work and the opportunities the children have had for challenge in their learning. We also look at how teachers and teaching assistants help children to move on to the next steps in their learning through their marking. Each teacher receives feedback after the scrutiny. It was a real pleasure to see the effort being put into their work by the children. If you would like more information about marking and feedback go to the Curriculum tab above then click Assessment > Marking and Feedback.



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