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What a performance

Last week began with our whole school assembly. We found out all about Louis Braille and his ingenious system of reading and writing for blind people. During the week some of the children found some examples of Braille at home and brought them in to show me. It is always a pleasure when the children show such an interest and follow up their learning at home.
On Thursday our Y1 pupils entertained us with their class assembly. They have been reading and writing stories in their literacy lessons and the whole school and their visitors really enjoyed the telling of their class story. It was beautifully done and every child stood up and said their line. Parents supported by providing some great costumes and helping the children to practise and learn their lines. We all really enjoyed watching their confident performances.
On Thursday evening the School Improvement Committee of the governors met for their termly meeting. This committee meets each term to work with myself to make strategic decisions about the school. It is their responsibility to look at issues connected with the curriculum, with inclusion and with the community.
During the meeting we looked at the new National Curriculum and our progress towards its implementation in September 2014. We also discussed issues connected with national changes in the way schools and local authorities provide for children with disabilities and Special Educational Needs and how this may affect our school and our children. The governors were also told about the visits that our children have experienced over the last term to enhance their learning.
The Governing Body consists of 13 members of our school and local community who volunteer their time to work with myself to lead the school. We hold regular meetings and work in sub committees to make decisions about a whole range of things from personnel issues to how to spend our funding and look after our school building. Our main purpose is to evaluate and improve the quality of teaching and learning in our school. We will be providing more information on the work of the Governing Body on our website in coming weeks.




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