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Airports, Gardening and Clay Pots

It has been another very busy week in Year 2 and I must say that the children have been working incredibly hard. The week started with Miss Hackett taking groups of children into our Airport role play area so that the children could learn about the different parts. The aim is for children to use this experience to write their own explanations, as this is the type of writing we have been thinking about in class. You can see some of the children in the Airport in the gallery below. The children really got into role and learnt about the different vocabulary that is used by different people who work in different areas.

Across the week children have written their first independent explanation about how a seed grows based on what they have been learning about in our science enquiry. I was really impressed with the explanations that the children produced and it was great to see how hard they worked. In our garden area outside the classroom the children will be doing some planting over the next few weeks, so today they started to weed and clear different spaces. They learnt about what the root systems of weeds look like and as you will see from the gallery below, they got lots done ready for putting in some new plants. If you click here you can visit the plant life cycle site we have used in class. If you click on the plant tab there is a great animation of how a seed grows.

The children have also made their own decorated clay thumb pots, which next week will be painted and glazed. It was great to read about the different books and authors that the children picked for their homework and some of them are authors we have read books by in our story time. Each day at 3.15 we have a class story and it is an opportunity for the children to have time to hear lots of descriptive language and to further develop their knowledge of different authors.

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