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Y2's Alpine Garden

During our enquiry about buy generic cialis 20mg what plants need to survive, the children have been learning all about what bulbs and seeds are and the things they need to grow successfully. As part of this work, the children have started to plant their own plants and are developing the key stage 1 garden area between now and the Summer as a space where they can grow their own plants and observe the changes that occur.On Monday Year 2 worked really hard creating two large alpine planters.

Some children used compost from the edible garden mixed with other compost to fill the pots up, whilst other groups took the plants out of their containers, arranged them in the planters and bedded them into the soil. There were some great discussions about how the plants will grow, what compost does and how plants need to be positioned. Last week when we prepared the area for planting the children learnt about weeds and their root systems by digging them out and carefully looking at the roots.

Over the next few weeks the children will continue to add plants and seeds to the garden area and they will learn how to look after the plants and area as it develops. Have a look at the gallery below to see the children creating our alpine planters and to see some of the science work completed in class.

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