Earlier this week, Year Six had an excellent start to their art enquiry topic when Mr White from Bury Art Society came to work with our class on Tuesday afternoon.  The children (and staff) really enjoyed looking at several pieces of his art work and hearing all about his inspiration for the various pieces.  Our class had prepared a number of questions for Mr White one being about when he had begun to take an interest in art.  Apparently, it all began in the school playground when he used to collect various cartoon cards in sweet packets!  He was also kind enough to then work with different groups of children helping  to develop their  proportion and shading skills.  What an enjoyabe afternoon!  The best part though was the last few minutes when the whole class was eager to thank our special guest and to share what they had discovered that afternoon. 

Next week we will be getting to work on producing the still life pieces that the children will complete involving their favourite accessories………….

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