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Australia comes to Unsworth!

Over the past few weeks the children in year 2 have been starting to learn about what Australia is like and have used maps and atlases to locate where it is in the world. The children had lots of questions about what life might be like and as a class we were really lucky that we had two visitors who came in to talk to us. One of them was born in Australia and has lived there all his life, the other visitor has been working and living over there.  All of the children were really excited and it was a great opportunity for them to create their own questions to ask, some of which you can read below:

  • What is the money called?
  • Do you look after kangaroos for pets?
  • Does it ever snow?
  • What food do people eat?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Have you ever eaten kangaroo, emu or ostrich?
  • What is Australia’s favourite sport?
  • What are the houses like?

Our visitors shared some of their photographs and gave the children a real sense about what life is like The children also entertained our visitors with a performance of their three Australian themed songs and they were really impressed at how the children had learnt lots of tricky Australian words! Next, the children are going to use the information they found out in their information texts. Below are some pictures of our afternoon visit.

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