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Y3 What’s your story?

Over the past two weeks, I have been delighted with the children’s attitude, determination and enthusiasm towards their independent story writing. Year 3 have worked extremely hard over the year in literacy, which was clear to see in their independent narrative pieces.  They planned two separate stories over the course of the two weeks, an adventure story and a mystery story, using a story map. They discussed the elements within each story type and shared their ideas within small groups.  The children re-told their plans to their shoulder partners to ensure that their plans made sense and they asked each other questions based on their ideas along the way. Finally the children independently put all their ideas into a 5 part story. Upon completion, they read each others stories and helped each other with their spelling mistakes and any parts that didn’t quite make sense.

By using our writing route map, the children were able to clearly articulate both purpose and audience. The route map also enabled them to see the process or journey they were following in order to start and complete a piece of writing.

We finished the week by turning our thoughts to poetry. We looked at the lyrics of ‘Let it go’ from Frozen to identify rhyming couplets within a verse. With this in mind, we listened to the song and counted the syllables within each line. Within our Kagan groups, we started to redraft the lyrics by changing parts of the song in relation to our own experiences within Year 3. The children came up with some fantastic rhyming words to use within their verses.  This coming week, we will continue to work on our lyrics and will film our own version of the song.


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