All the children are tucked up in bed though I can’t promise that they are all asleep just yet. Having said that they are all exhausted after an action-packed day. We finished the day all together in Team Challenge. We competed against each other in a quiz, a create a picture using dominoes, a wrap each other in toilet paper ‘mummy’ activity and various other bizarre challenges! Great fun.

At the end of the day we hold our review session when the group leaders help the children reflect on their day. The children agreed that their teamwork and communication skills have improved but most of all they were having fun.

We enjoyed the night line this afternoon where the children wear goggles and work together to move around a course without being able to see. They had a great time climbing through tunnels and being squirted with water by some naughty teachers and group leaders!




Well done everyone on some great teamwork.  Looking forward to our last day tomorrow and the trapeze! Scary stuff. Goodnight all!

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  1. I liked robin wood because they had loads of actives that I have never tried before. The pirrana pool was the best! I also liked archery!

  2. I’ve had the best day ever at Robin Wood with the Year 5 children. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk/run up the very steep hill alien hunting. (good training for the cross country season!!).
    Hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow and a safe journey home.
    Miss G.