We had the pleasure of welcoming everybody back to school on Wednesday after the summer break. Our new Reception Class has settled in and we have enjoyed watching them find their feet and begin to make their new relationships with each other. A number of our Y6 leavers came back to see us in their new high school uniforms! It was lovely to see them looking so smart and being so enthusiastic about their new schools.

The week began for the staff team on Monday. We had two training days before the children came back to school. On Monday the staff updated their training on the use of Kagan structures. These are a set of techniques to use with the children which promote team building and collaborative approaches. The structures encourage all children to participate in class. Throughout the week class teachers have planned activities that practise all of these skills.

On Tuesday we had fire marshal training and spent some time putting the finishing touches to our classroom environments ready for the children. Our classrooms looked amazing as we started school on Wednesday due to the hard work of staff getting them ready over the holidays. Our school hall has also been refurbished with a lick of paint and a new floor. Thanks must go to Mr Dean and Mrs Leonard for their hard work over August when they give the whole of our building a summer clean.

During assembly on Wednesday morning I talked to the children about the year ahead. We discussed how we should work hard and always try to ‘do our best’. The children in Y1 to Y6 will be working towards their bronze, silver and gold certificates which they will earn through getting house points. House points are awarded for doing your ‘personal best’ with a piece of work or for being a good ‘school citizen’. We then went on to talk about our 50th birthday and we found out that our school had opened for the first time on Tuesday,1st September 1964 with 135 pupils and 5 members of staff. The children enjoyed the idea of us celebrating our 50th birthday together!

Throughout the rest of the week we concentrated on settling the children into their new classes. Many children find the transition to a new class difficult. They sometimes worry about the change and it is important that we help them to think positively about moving on to the next step in their school life. It is the different experiences they encounter and the different adults they work with that help them to develop a full range of skills as they move through the school.

We are very much looking forward to the challenges and events planned for the year ahead. It will be a very special one because of our Golden Jubilee. We are hoping that our whole school community can come together to celebrate our very special school.


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