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Brass and Singing

We think our new Brass teacher Mr Dixon is amazing!  After 2 lessons all the children in Year 5 are able to playing simple tunes using notes C D and E and read music from the stave!  What a brilliant start.  Please support your children on their instruments.  Most weeks a sheet will be sent home with music to practise.  By Christmas we are hoping to be able to play Jingle Bells.

Our whole school singing continues to develop and children are enjoying singing ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars.  We have also looked at the song ‘Apples and Honey’ to celebrate the festival of Rosh Hashanah. I have loved popping into Reception with the keyboard and listening to the children sing a variety of Nursery rhymes.  We have played some musical games where the children listen to high and low notes.

Our new choral group have also got off to a great start!  They will be very busy particularly this term in preparation for a large scale carol service at Bury Parish Church on Monday 15th December.  This concert was a sell out last year, so please put the date in your diaries and we will let you know when tickets are available for purchase. I have thoroughly enjoyed the new term to date, and look forward to all the musical opportunities I hope to create for the children this new school year.

Mrs Geelan

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