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Experiments and Adventure Stories

Year 2 have been working hard this week on their science enquiry about the weather. The children have focused on wind this week and made their own wind stick to measure the strength and speed of the wind. In pairs the children predicted if they thought the wind would be the same in all areas of our school grounds or different. Next they picked 4 areas to visit and used a wind scale to record results by observing their wind stick. Using their results they thought about what they had learnt about the speed and strength of the wind.  I was really impressed at how they worked in pairs and carefully observed their wind sticks to record accurate results.

Also this week, the children have been getting to know the features of an adventure story and next week, they are going to be creating their own adventure for two characters they have met called Jim Lad and Matilda. By reading the Pirates Next Door story by Johnny Duddle, the children have learnt about how an adventure story has a hero/heroine who usually encounters a problem. Have a look at the gallery below to see the children creating their wind sticks.

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