Our first full week back at school started with a visit from Bury Music Service. The children were entertained by the music teachers from the service and enjoyed the live music played. The next day we held our first ‘Big Sing’ of the year. This is an assembly led by Miss Geelan, our music teacher. Our whole school community, children and staff, come together to sing. The children really enjoy Big Sing and it can be a very uplifting experience when everyone sings together.

Throughout the week, parents from our Key Stage Two classes were able to come into school to ‘meet the teacher’. The idea of this session is that parents and carers can meet informally with their child’s new teacher and see the classroom environment. If you were not able to attend, each class teacher produces a leaflet about their year group. These are available on the website.

Our new Reception Class have settled in well to school life. Next week they will all start full days and will stay for dinner. This year we have introduced free school dinners to all YR and Key Stage One pupils. Mrs Walsh, our cook, has made sure that the change has gone smoothly in our school and we have been able to manage the increase in the numbers of children having a school dinner very well indeed.

On Thursday morning we held the first Well Done Assembly of the year. Two children are selected from each year group because they have done a really good piece of work or have impressed their class teacher in some way. The children selected receive a sticker and a postcard and have their name put in the Well Done Book. Across the year, every child will be selected for Well Done Assembly.

Away from the classroom, we have been putting the finishing touches to our School Development Plan. This is a document which contains our plans for school improvement. In it, we identify some priority areas which need attention. The main priority areas this year are connected with introducing the new assessment system, now the government has agreed to discontinue ‘levels’, and also the introduction of a new Code of Practice for pupils with Special Educational Needs. Information on both of these developments will be available throughout the year on our website.

As the week came to an end, we turned our thoughts towards our Welcome Assembly next week. This is always a special occasion and we hope to see parents and carers of children new to the school at the assembly. We are all looking forward to seeing you.



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