All of us strive to keep children safe online and as technology moves forward it can often be difficult to keep up with it and know exactly how it is being used. A new website has been launched called “PitDA” which stands for parenting in the digital age. This website will help you navigate some of the most important issues. It suggests where you may want to set boundaries or rules, gives some useful tips on the tools available and all the info you need if you or your child encounter anything worrying online.

You don’t need to become a technical expert overnight. You can still help your children stay safe, navigate the risks and enjoy their online lives. It is a good idea, though, to get to know the sites they regularly visit and encourage discussion of what they do online. Young people value their privacy, but making it normal to talk about this stuff will make it seem less intrusive too. The PitDA website should give you plenty to talk about. You can use the info there to develop your own family rules about what happens online and how these might change as your children get older. If you would like to visit the site then click the picture below. For more e-safety information and resources why not visit our online and e-safety page which is located in the curriculum tab at the side of computing. There are lots of links and an overview of what our Safer Internet Day in February 2015 will focus on.

pitda 2


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