Throughout this week we have been thinking about the importance of being a welcoming school for all who attend and those who visit us. This was due to the fact that we were to hold our ‘Welcome Assembly’ on Thursday.

The assembly was a huge success. Every one of our new Reception Class was welcomed into the school by their Y6 buddies. Parents, carers, staff and children looked on as the class came into assembly for the first time. Each child was then introduced to the school community and given a card from their buddy. We also welcomed children from other classes and staff new to the school. We ended the assembly with an enthusiastic rendition of our ‘community’ song and then some refreshments.

It was an absolute pleasure to watch the relationships between the two sets of pupils developing. The system benefits the younger children in that they have an older child to look up to and to act as a role model; the older children develop their nurturing skills and enjoy the responsibility of looking after a younger child. It was lovely to receive a number of emails and comments from the adults who attended the assembly and enjoyed the experience.

At our staff meeting on Monday, we looked at our School Development Plan Priority 1. When we have decided our priorities for an academic year we write an action plan. This contains a list of actions and a timescale and set of success criteria for the priority. The aim of this priority is the implementation of a new system for assessment. As the lead person for assessment, Mr Rhodes will coordinate the actions we have agreed. At our staff meeting, Mr Rhodes outlined the changes in assessment and how we were going to respond to these.

Every school will have to devise their own system in order to assess pupil attainment and progress in all National Curriculum subjects. If you would like to read about the national changes in assessment you can find further information under the curriculum tab on our website. Mr Rhodes will be updating our assessment page throughout the year. We attended further training on this area on Thursday afternoon. Many schools are unsure about how to implement the new system and the changes are causing some anxiety. Our approach is that we must become very familiar with the new curriculum and put together a number of tools which clearly define the steps a child must take to make progress. Not an easy job but we will work hard to achieve it!


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