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School Council Autumn Half Term

During this half term we have already conducted 2 class councils which take place on a Wednesday morning, 9 -9:30am.

The first council meeting we introduced ourselves to our classes and explained our role as councillors. We then asked the children to write down the 6 most important things they think the council should work on over the year. We are currently going through these responses and will feedback to the classes next half term.

The 2nd class council we held was all about water!

We have signed up to the ‘Wise up to Water challenge’ which aims to promote drinking more water as a healthy option. The children have been set a challenge to drink more water whilst in school and on Thursday 23rd October we will see which class has won!

The children have designed posters and water bottles to help promote drinking more water and some of these are around school.

We have had a fun and busy half term but we look forward to working on some more projects after the break.

Mrs Channon and the Council


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