Our assemblies this week focused on Anti-bullying Week. Each year in November schools are encouraged to talk to pupils about bullying and what it is and how it affects children. We talk to our children throughout the year about this subject so that they understand the differences between bullying and falling out with friends and classmates. It is also important that they know how to tell if they are worried about something that is happening to them. This is all part of our Personal, Social and Emotional curriculum. Over the last few weeks, Mrs Ali has been working to revise our policies for behaviour and has also revised our Anti-bullying Policy. These will be available on our website shortly.

On Monday, Mrs Canning and I met with a number of representatives from Bury Children’s Services to consider how the changes in the new Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs/Disability might affect the Speech and Language Resourced Provision at Unsworth. It is clear that it will have no implications for our current children but it will have in the future. We are in the process of revising our entry criteria ready for September 2015 to ensure that we are able to offer places to the children who need them.

On Thursday evening I met with the Resources Committee of the Governing Body. This committee considers issues around finance, personnel and our premises. At this meeting we focused on our Health and Safety Policy and agreed that the committee would work on a Risk Assessment Strategy which involves considering all aspects of school and minimising any risks to pupils, staff and any person visiting the school. I am very grateful to Mr Stanley and Mr Howarth, our parent governors, who have agreed to work with me to put our new risk assessments together.

After school each Thursday I meet with our school’s senior leaders. At these meetings we focus on evaluating teaching and learning across our whole school. This week we conducted a book scrutiny. We collect a full set of books from each class and look through them to check the quality of teaching, the quality of learning and how the books are marked. Each class teacher receives written feedback and I then write a report for all staff to state the strengths seen and any recommendations to improve things further. It was a pleasure to see the quality of work produced by our children.

One of the highlights of my week was working with a group of Y6 children in guided reading. All children across the school are taught to read and develop their higher level reading skills through daily guided reading. Guided reading happens in a small group of between 6-8 children. Texts are chosen that aim to challenge children and they are helped to respond to their reading through oral and written questions. I really enjoyed working with the group and hearing their responses to my challenging questions! Myself, Miss Sinclair and Mr French are impressed with how mature our Y6 have become in their attitudes to their learning. Well done, Y6!


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