I have introduced  a new reward strategy in our class over the last few weeks-‘Our Happy Face’

The idea is that, by following three ‘Happy Rules’, the children can earn rewards.  The three rules are:

1. Listen to the teachers and our friends.

2. Sit nicely on the carpet.

3. Play nicely with each other.

If the children follow these rules, a photograph of them is placed on the ‘Happy Face’, ‘Happy Hands’, ‘Happy Feet’ or ‘Happy mouth’ (depending on the nature of the fabulous act the child is being rewarded for).  When all the children are on the ‘Happy Face’, then the class gets a reward.  There is a sanction side to our ‘Happy Face’ too and this encourages children to think about how to behave in school and also help each other to follow the rules. This reward scheme has worked within Reception class for the last four years and  works towards how the rest of the school earn rewards, through ‘House points’ for following school rules.


Over the past few weeks, rewards have included a ‘playtime’ on the big yard, a DVD time (20mins) and a sweet treat.  This week, the children chose a reward of baking (linked to our topic so a winner all round!).

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me

Miss Ashton 🙂

Below are a few photos from our baking session:


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