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It’s ok to be different!

We had great fun on Friday making pin hole viewers and looking at the solar eclipse, the children were able to share lots of information about what they had learnt and made some super posters about it! The children have really impressed me this week with their super story plans based on stories set in another culture, they have worked independently to plan their own story in Africa and have started writing it, they will be finishing their stories next week. We will also begin our new enquiry ‘It’s ok to be different’. This enquiry will be carried out until Easter. Throughout this enquiry we will use a selection of different stories which firstly focus on specific differences between ourselves such as hair colour, eye colour, hobbies, disabilities etc. We will be talking about differences within our families,  and make our own family tree. You may wish to talk to your child about the members of their family and who they would like to include on their family trees. We will also talk about the different homes we live in and make some family portraits.

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