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Our Ghanaian visitor

Last week we were extremely lucky when we heard Miss McGrath’s friend from Ghana was visiting Unsworth Primary! Raymond came into visit Year 3 to answer our questions based on our current Geography based enquiry; ‘What is life like to grow up in Ghana?’ The children enjoyed hearing about Raymond’s life in the capital city of Accra. He shared facts about some of the different cities and countries he has previously visited in Africa and we enjoyed hearing about his job and family.

The children shared some of their own work based on the continent Africa and were able to discuss different facts they had learnt. Raymond played a guessing game with the children and even rewarded them with traditional African necklaces. What a super way to spend the afternoon!




Y3, what did you ask Raymond? What was his answer?


8 replies on “Our Ghanaian visitor”

I really liked visiting Raymond because everyone aksed their questions and they got answered. Now we all know more infomation about Ghana

I agree it was good that everybody got their questions answered. Do you wish he could come again because I do.

We did enjoy looking at the photographs thank you! We also shared them with Raymond. The children are really enjoying our Ghana enquiry!

I really enjoyed having Raymond to stay with use for a while. Miss mgrath please can he come again.

What a lovely day for the children, Lola was very excited to have met Raymond.
Lola’s grandpa hopes you all liked his photographs from his time in Ghana.

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