Over the past few weeks, in our weekly PATHS (Promoting Alternate THinking Strategies) sessions, we have been looking at strategies to help us deal with different situations and scenarios. We used drama and role play to act out situations that could involve conflict or disagreement. As a class, alongside the PATHS system, we created a system to help us to control and channel our behaviour both in and outside the classroom.

We also discussed a variety of positive and negative feelings and shared experiences that relate to each emotion.  We discussed how feelings can link to actions and came to the conclusion that all feelings are acceptable but it is how we behave in relation to this particular feeling. We have chosen the word ‘choices’ to determine the path we take.  We decided that our control system would become useful when we are involved in different situations.

We finally reflected on our scenarios and wrote a caption to explain how we, as individuals, are going to use our actions and feelings system on the playground and in class and have displayed our ideas on our PATHS feelings display.

Y3, what do you think about our weekly PATHS sessions in class? Comment below…

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  1. I know how to be nice in school and out of school because miss McGrath helps me solve any problems I have in path sessions

  2. I have learnt in paths that your feelings are ok it is your actions that are sometimes not ok.