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Reception children create their own ‘Willow Plate’ stories

This week, the children created their own ‘Willow Plate’ after listening to the tale of the sad princess who wanted to marry her true love but wasn’t allowed.  The children painted their favourite story onto their plate.  As they painted, they told their friends all about their favourite story and what happens in it.  Retelling a story is an important reading skill. Children need to be able to discuss events in stories and offer their opinions about stories, events and characters.  Ask your child to tell you about the story that they painted on their plate.  Click here to watch the story of the ‘Willow plate’.

Have a look at some photos of us painting our Willow plates.  Add a comment below to let us know if your child could tell you about their plate.

Thank you

Miss Ashton


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9 replies on “Reception children create their own ‘Willow Plate’ stories”

When Dexter and Barney visited their Great great Aunty this weekend, they spotted a Willow plate on her shelf and told us all about it. They educated us all.

‘My plate is about Rapunzel. I painted the tower then I painted Rapunzel inside. She was just having a look outside the window and seeing all the animals and she even saw a rabbit.’

‘My plate is going on a bear hunt- you can see the big bear and the dots are the little people and I did a pattern all round it. When I first started, it was all white!’ WC

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