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Y2’s Science Learning

Year 2 have reached the end of their science enquiry into being healthy and below they have decided to share some of their thoughts and work. The children have conducted a range of experiments and tests over the last few weeks and I have been really impressed at how they have collected their data and presented it.




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I liked learning about the eat well plate.What we did was we drew pictures of different food and put them in several groups. I found out that there were 5 groups the one you should eat the most is fruits and vegetables then carbohydrates.

I learned that you must run everyday. I Liked when we learned about germs because we did an experiment that showed us how a sneeze travels.

I have learnt about health and that some medicines or food people can be allergic to. I am glad that in science we learnt how to stay safe now we know about medicines.

I learnt if you eat the right food you will be healthy and if you do the opposite it can be bad for you.

I have learnt that every day some people need to have medicine to keep them safe from getting ill or to keep them alive. I will keep healthy by eating fruit and doing lots of exercise!

I have learnt that sneezing spreads germs because a sneeze makes germs go everywhere unless your mouth is covered. Also I found out you should wash your hands!you need to eat food and vegbuls!some people have to have medicine evey day!

I like doing the sneezing experiment because it showed us how germs spread and I could see they went really far.

I like doing the breathing exercise because it surprised me how much my breath changed! Also I enjoyed the spraying experiment because it showed me how germs spread!

I found out that when you sneeze it goes a long way. It was fun when Miss Hackett sprayed us. That was funny but it was pretend germs because it was water to show us how far it would go!

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