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Bikeability and Baking Bonanza!

This week we have been taking part in bikeability activities.  We had to learn how to get on our bikes safely and how to be safe on the road.  The 4 coaches, Matt, Matt, Jill and Dallia, all helped us improve our skills on our bikes like signals for left turns, right turns and u turns. We went out of school onto Parr Lane to try out going on the road. At the end of the sessions we were very wet but all very happy because we passed stage 1 and stage 2.

Year 5 have been designing cakes. First we got into groups and filled in our design sheet with different ideas.  The next day some of the children walked up to Morrison’s to buy the ingredients. We were supervised by a teacher as we gathered all the ingredients with the money that we had brought in. We had a budget of £23 which needed to be used to buy all the ingredients that groups needed.  It was tricky because we needed to think about which items were expensive and had to change them for cheaper brands so we could buy all the things we needed.   The next day we made the cake and put the toppings on the cake. We enjoyed evaluating the different cakes (by eating them!) and hope our family enjoys tasting them as much as we did when we take the cakes home.


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it was very hard to make those teddy bear cakes because I had to make 18 of those teddy bears and then the group had to add the detail on it was hard to cut the cakes at the end for the evaluation because we didn’t want to ruin the design my family really enjoyed the cake. Espcially the marzipan and lemon sponge

Bike Ability looked like a lot of fun! I couldn’t join in but we made lots of delicious cakes that tasted and looked AMAZING! I really enjoyed making cakes with Sam, Noah, Rio and Danyal. They turned out AWESOME!

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