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Continent inspired art

Year 2 have had a very busy week this week with our new enquiry about countries and continents. In our blog earlier in the week we shared some of our Aboriginal Dream stories and the image slider below is a gallery of the final dream stores that the children produced. I was really impressed with the ideas that the children created just from a set of symbols and it was great to see how much fun the children had!

Across the week we have been experimenting with Aboriginal inspired art work using dots, symbols and lines. The children have produced their own paintings of Australian animals and they have also contributed to our whole class outdoor painting in the Year 1 and Year 2 garden. Our aim over the next few weeks is to add lots of Aboriginal inspired art work to our outdoor garden, so keep having a look when you come to pick year 2 up!

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We found out this week that there are 7 continents and the children have started to learn the names of each and where they are ion the world. Using card games, the children are getting really good at identifying different continents from their shapes. Our aim across the next 3 weeks is for all of year 2 to be able to name and place all the 7 continents, as well as identifying the 5 main oceans.

Next week we are going to start to look at the physical features of Australia and learn about what it is like as a place.

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