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Green Screen Technology

What an exciting week we have had in year 2 this week so far! Throughout our literacy lessons this week we have been finishing off our historical enquiry by writing our own diary entries and creating movie news reports. The children have learnt lots of information about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, which they have found for themselves throughout our enquiry. By using their knowledge as a starting point for writing, I have been amazed at how all of the children have been able to put themselves in the place of someone from the past.

It has been great to see how motivated the children have been to write and if you look at the gallery below you can see some of the examples of writing that were produced.

The next task that the children did was to write their own script for a news report from Scutari hospital. Using our green screen, the children recorded their news report and added in video footage or still images recorded in our role play area. The children were really excited about creating their own report and there were lots of gasps of excitement as they saw the images behind them instead of the green screen that they had been stood at. Our aim is to develop the children’s use of this technology as a means of them sharing their learning and you never know, we might just have the next James Cameron in our class!

Here are a few samples of our news reports, click each one to watch them. Let us know what you think!



What a brave lady













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My goodness, I’m very impressed with these green screen videos, Year 2! Some grown-ups say that this kind of technology it too hard for children to use, but you’ve proved them wrong 🙂
Keep up the good work!

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