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What will the magic beans grow into???

This week’s topic starts our half term of traditional tales that Reception are going to learn to retell in detail and write in sequence.  Today, we have started with Jack and the Beanstalk and the children have collected some magic beans and have also planted some seeds of their own.  I wonder if anything will grow from the magic beans??

Story telling is a very important part of early years learning.  Children need to be familiar with a variety of stories,  to be able to sequence them and discuss them in detail.  Each week we are going to work with a different traditional tale and centre our learning around it.  We will be partaking in shared literacy activities and oral story telling, as well as lots of practical activities such as role play, planting, small world stories, craft activities, music and movement.

To support your child at home, ask them about Jack and the Beanstalk, what have they been learning in school?  Can they retell the story? Ask them if they enjoy the story and why?

If your child would like to bring in a traditional tale book from home, we can read it in class.

Thank you

Miss Ashton

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