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Democracy in action

During this week we taught our children about two national events, one historic and one current. On Tuesday morning we held an assembly to tell the children about VE Day, which took place 70 years ago this week. The school watched some footage of Churchill’s speech announcing the end of the war and people celebrating on the streets of London. Miss Geelan then taught some wartime songs. If you follow our Twitter feed you may have heard the results!

On Thursday we held our own Unsworth Election 2015. Our Y5 pupils prepared and then delivered some speeches to persuade everyone to vote for a certain quote which would then be painted on our hall wall. We were all very impressed with how articulate and passionate they were about their quote. After the speeches they sat at some tables in the hall waiting for ‘the electorate’ to arrive. I have never experienced such a busy polling station!

Each class from Y1 upwards came into the hall, received their ballot paper and then voted in a booth. The ballots were secret and were posted in ballot boxes. The adults in school lined up alongside the children to cast their votes. There was great excitement as the boxes were rushed into Y6 for the count…

On Friday morning the whole school met to hear the result. After announcing the third and second place quotes, a cheer went up when the children were told that the winner was the quote made by Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This will be painted on our wall in response to the vote. Democracy in action!

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