The children have been busy this week using the new Ipads we have in class. They are becoming familiar with a variety of apps, some which they can use independently. To begin with, we watched a video about internet safety. Sid the superhero gave us some ‘Top Tips’ when working on the internet. Ask your child about some of the rules we discussed.

At the start of the week, some of the children created a movie. Suggestions were made for a title, a plot and a variety of characters joined in the fun. The children loved watchimg themselves on the ‘big screen’!!  Watch the finished movie below and let us know what you think. I have a feeling that we could be producing a few more over the nexts few weeks!!!


Reception movies presents’The Royal Castle’

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  1. Amazing!!!! (Even after the 100th viewing).
    Can’t wait to see the sequel.
    It’s fantastic to see what the children get up to, and how happy they all are.