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Promoting Creativity

It has been a really busy week at Unsworth this week and I can certainly say that everywhere I turned there were exciting things happening. Over the last few weeks we have been developing our use of technology as  a school and if you have been following us on Twitter you will have seen lots of our tweets about what each class has been up to. We have decided as a school that we will try to do a daily tweet from each class, so that we can share and capture the learning that is taking place. You can see these tweets in the side bar of our website or you can follow us on twitter by searching for @unsworthprimary. We are starting to use technology to promote children’s creativity and we are aiming to make use of it to redefine the way we teach our children.

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon year 2 were introduced to three apps called book creator, explain everything and showbie. It is amazing when children are introduced to apps how quickly they can use them. Children are naturally creative and curious  and the use of ipads within school is really starting to open up new ways for the children to share their learning. Children in year 2 really demonstrated how quickly they can be creative when they are given opportunities to present their ideas in a format they choose. Through creating interactive books that involve sounds, music, videos, photographs and text; the children brought their learning to life.

Our school is all about promoting children’s independence and creativity. Throughout the week it has been great to see the children in year 2 embracing this and making their own decisions about how they will share their learning. I am very proud of how much the children have grown as individuals and learners across the year and it is a pleasure to experience creativity which inspires me as a practitioner to find different ways to frame learning for the children.





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