It was lovely today as always to see so many people from our school community in school to support year 2 in their class assembly. The children have been working really hard over the last 3 weeks to find out all about the different continents and learn about what Australia is like. Through singing, using maps, doing research, creating actions, examining pictures, interpreting art work  and coming up with questions, the children have been able to follow their own lines of enquiry and build up an understanding of Australia and the continents of the world.

Our assembly was a great way to share our learning and we used it as an opportunity to use music, art, drama and public speaking. I was so impressed with how confidently the children presented what we have worked on as a class and it was great to see how much confidence each individual child has developed across the year. Through the enquiry homework the children have worked on over the past two weeks, I have seen lots of different examples of ways they have chosen to share their learning. As a school we spend lots of time developing the children’s ability to make their own choices about how they want to present their work and it is great to see this reflected in their homework!

Next week we will be coming to the end of our continent enquiry and we will use our school trip as the start of our new enquiry, which we hope you can share with us through our trip tweets!

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