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Travelling to the past

What a wonderful week it has been! We have travelled back in time as we continued our whole school enquiry. On Thursday, we showcased the children’s work in our Living History Museum. It was fascinating to see how the children interpreted the primary sources they have looked at and to see how interested they were in the history of our school. During the exhibition it was lovely to receive positive feedback from parents about the work and I spoke to quite a few who had been taken down memory lane to their time at Parr Lane/Unsworth!

Our enquiry culminated on Friday in our whole school trip on the East Lancashire Railway to Nuttall Park in Ramsbottom. What an adventure – 220 children and 30 adults all packed together into a steam train. We were so excited as we pulled away from the station! Year 6 were particularly impressed with their special carriage which reminded them of the Hogwart’s Express! From Ramsbottom Station it was a short walk to Nuttall Park where our cook, Mrs Martin, was waiting with our packed lunches.

It was glorious day and after our picnic the children played games with their teachers in the sunshine. We we very proud of them. They behaved beautifully and had such fun. What a perfect end to our 50th anniversary celebrations.

After spending the last two weeks in the past, it was a contrast to think about the future on Wednesday evening when we had our annual meeting for parents whose children will become part of our school in September. During the evening we reflected on the fact that we have been remembering the last 50 years and all of the people who have been part of our school over that period. We talked about the special ethos of our school, the importance of ‘Together We Build Understanding’ and the close community we have created. We have all been reminded this week of how special our children are and what a great school we have!


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