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A super start Y3!

We had an extremely busy week last week in Y3. We started the term by looking at our new Geography based enquiry; ‘What is it like to live in the North West of England?’ The children got to grips with their new learning by creating a title page to share their previous knowledge and identified some questions that they would like to find more about. They devised some really interesting questions which we will aim to answer over the next few weeks. By the end of the enquiry, the children have been told that they will creating an information leaflet based on the Lake District. If you have any information about the Lake District at home then please bring it into school to share.

We also started our science based enquiry, ‘What are the main functions of a plant?’ We started with group discussions to identify what we already know and transferred this knowledge into creating and explaining the life cycle of a seed. Over the next few weeks the children will get first hand experiences of the different parts of a plant by exploring the natural environment to identify different leaf types and will look closely at the inside of different plants and flowers. We will also use these experiences to help us when printing our own leaves in our art session later this week.

In literacy the children are learning about information texts and have completed the ‘we read’ step on the writing route map. The children can now identify the different features of the text and can explain the purpose, language and layout of the text. This week we have started to craft our own informative paragraphs based on our school, using a variety of sentence openers to help structure our writing.

Over the next few weeks, the children will be practising different methods to add or find the total of both 2 and 3 digit numbers. The children are now using the words increase, add, total and more than to explain their learning. All the children have really impressed me with their understanding of place value, which has really helped when trying to add tens and units. Well done Y3!


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