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Assembling through the week

This week began with our usual whole school assembly to introduce our theme of the week. This half term we are thinking about the values that are important to us and on Monday we introduced the concept of peace. The children were asked to think about what being peaceful meant to them. For some of them that meant being still and quiet and for others it meant getting along with others. Next week our important value will be that of democracy. During the week, the children will be encouraged to put themselves forward for the School Council. They will have the opportunity to take part in the democratic process by electing their representatives to the council.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed our ‘Big Sing’ assembly led by Miss Geelan. During this assembly, the whole school, children and adults, join together to sing. We have a lot of fun singing a wide variety of songs. Thursday saw our Well Done assembly in which two or three children from each class are selected for producing their ‘personal best’. The children understand that each and everyone of them will be chosen for this assembly at some point and they enjoy seeing others being rewarded with a sticker, a postcard and with their name in the Well Done book!

After school on Wednesday, class teachers met with their counterparts at Hollins Grundy Primary School in order to conduct some joint moderation of reading. We started this partnership last year as both schools began to develop their new approaches to assessment. It was a useful session with teachers comparing the evidence they collect in order to make a judgement about a child’s reading. Next term, we will meet again at Unsworth and look at another subject area.

On Thursday, Mr Rhodes presented our analysis of the end of year assessment outcomes to the Attainment and Progress Committee of the governing body. The governors were pleased to see the improved performances across the school, in particular the significant improvements in attainment and progress in writing. This is something we have worked very hard to improve over the last couple of years so it is pleasing to see that the hard work has paid off.

At the end of the week, we conducted what we call a ‘work scrutiny’ of the children’s books. This is a self-evaluation process we employ in order to check the quality of learning experience and the quality of pupil work. We were pleased to see how our pupils are being challenged across the school and how hard they are working to produce some high quality work in their exercise books. You can get a flavour of this if you follow our Twitter feed on a daily basis.

Well done, everyone, on all of your hard work and effort!

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