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Nurturing new talents

The highlight of the week had to be our Welcome Assembly. On Thursday morning, Reception class attended their first whole-school assembly with their invited guests. After all of the other classes had entered the hall, our Y6 children sat at the front of the hall with their welcome cards. We welcomed Reception class to the front with an enthusiastic round of applause. It took them a little while but they made it and sat beautifully throughout the rest of the assembly!

It was a pleasure to see how confidently our new children stood up and waved at their guests, and the rest of the school, as they received their cards. It was also a proud moment to watch how our Y6 children take on the nurturing role involved in looking after a buddy. Standing at the front, I can hear the little words of encouragement and little gestures of help to stand up and turn around given by our older pupils. Throughout the year I know we can rely on our Y6 children to be proper role models to our younger pupils.

In our other assemblies this half term our weekly themes will focus on our values as a school. Last week we talked about how effort is an important value and this week we discussed Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and how respect for each other and our different beliefs is important. At the end of Monday’s introductory assembly, the children are invited to respond to my questions by posting their thoughts on our assembly board in the hall. Next week we will be exploring the concept of peace and will try to relate that to everyday life in school.

In my last blog, I described the enhanced musical experience we have planned for our children. This week, I will outline similar enhancements we have made to our sport and PE offer. We have engaged in a partnership with QFirst Sports. Each half term, specialist sports coaches will be coming into school almost daily to work alongside our staff to further develop the children’s skills.

This half term, in P.E. lessons, Ryan will be working with Y1 in multi-skills sessions and with Y6 on invasion games. After school, Ryan and Sam will be leading basketball and other sessions for our older pupils and for children in the Out of School Club. At lunchtimes, Ryan will be supporting our older pupils to be leaders, coaching younger pupils in a variety of activities. As the year progresses, all classes will have the chance to work with the specialist coaches.

Next week will be be holding our first meeting of the PTA (Parent Teachers Association). The meeting will take place at school on Thursday, 24th September at 6:30pm. Any parent or carer is welcome to join us to find out about the work of the PTA and the events planned for this next year.
We do hope you will be able to join us.

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