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What will you aim for?

It was lovely to see so many happy smiles on Thursday morning as we returned after the long, summer holiday. Our children looked so smart in their new uniforms and settled into their new classes immediately. The class teachers were very impressed with their enthusiasm and teamwork right from the start and the children were impressed with how their classrooms had been so beautifully prepared by their teachers!

Over the holidays, Mr. Dean and Mrs. Leonard have worked hard to clean our school from top to bottom. We have also had two classrooms redecorated -YR and Y3. Miss Ashton and Mrs. McLoughlin were delighted when they came back to see their lovely new rooms! You will have noted that our Y3 teacher has a new name after getting married this summer-congratulations Mrs. McLoughlin!

The school staff attended two training days prior to the start of the school year on Tuesday and Wednesday. During these sessions we considered the priorities for the academic year 2015-2016. Our development priorities are agreed after careful consideration of our results from the previous year. We are proud of the fact that our outcomes in terms of national assessments are above national figures at all phases (early years, Y1 phonics, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two). Despite this, we are always looking to improve further.

This year we will be developing our curriculum further in order to provide challenge in all subjects for all pupils. We will continue to engage our pupils in exciting learning experiences and look at how we can challenge our children to think for themselves and apply their learning through problem solving. We will also be looking at how we can help the children to produce their very best work in their books through a range of recording activities and effective marking and verbal feedback.

At the end of last term we asked for parental feedback through a website survey. We will be sending out a detailed analysis of the outcomes of this but we were delighted with the overwhelming support of our parents and carers. In the survey there was almost unanimous support for the lifting of the photography ban. We have discussed this and will be asking parents and carers to agree to not publishing images of our children online. In this way families can still record their children’s school experiences. More information on this will be sent out shortly.

Back in July we were sad to say goodbye to our wonderful Y6 children as they left our school. We were very proud of their achievements and wished them well in the next stage of their education. This September we welcome our new children to our Reception Class. Very soon they will be partnered with a Y6 buddy who will look after them across their first year at school. This is always a very special relationship and is something that Y6 look forward to. They take this responsibility very seriously and the Reception children really benefit from the care and attention given to them.

On Thursday, 17th September (9:10am) we will be holding our annual Welcome Assembly. We would like to invite all parents and carers new to the school to join us for this assembly to see their children ‘officially’ welcomed to school by our Y6 pupils. This is always a very special occasion and reflects the special ethos of our school. It would be lovely to see you there!

As we start the new school year I would encourage our children to give their very best efforts to their learning. On Monday, at our whole school assembly, I will be talking about effort and hard work and challenging the children to achieve their bronze and silver certificates. For those who like to aim high there are also gold certificates and the final accolade, the Headteacher’s Award. House points are awarded by the staff to children who work hard and ‘do their very best’. I look forward to giving out some special awards in July 2016!

Mrs. Reynolds

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