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Digging deeper!

It’s been another fantastic week in Year 5. We have been thinking hard about our learning across different subjects and challenging ourselves to improve, think deeper and analyse information.

In literacy this week, the children have produced some excellent pieces of writing inspired by our Highwayman poem. I spent part of the week having learning conversations with individual children about their writing and discussing how they could improve their diaries further. The children used this to help recraft their writing, including the points discussed.

We’ve had a really interesting time in maths as well with children really thinking hard about applying their problem solving skills. The children were given a grocery price list with various items and costs. The children had to apply addition and subtraction methods to solve problem like “how much does the cheapest/expensive sandwich cost?” But without a sandwich selection on the bill, they needed to firstly work out the different types of sandwiches they could possibly make with their ingredients before solving the problem.

We ended the week with a look at the Anglo Saxon archeological discoveries made at Sutton Hoo. The children looked at aerial view images of the site and suggested reasons for why the site looked the way it did. As we unearthed extra information through the course of the afternoon, we discovered the hidden burial ship for an Anglo Saxon king. We analysed some of the items excavated and discussed why they would have been placed inside the burial chamber.

A great week, guys!

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