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Digits and Drawing

In maths this week year 2 have been working hard on identifying the different digit in numbers and using quick facts to add or subtract pairs of 2-digit numbers. For example, the children have been using 3+2 to work out 30+20 rapidly. I was really impressed at how many children started to see and use the pattern, which meant we were able to move on to adding two 2-digit numbers using something we call a quick jot.

During art this week, Miss Hackett introduced the children to graded pencils and modelled to the children how to use them to add tone to an observational drawing, just like the artist Cezanne who we have been looking at. The children spent some time practising the technique, before using their creative journal to present their pencil drawings. We were really pleased at how the children were thinking about the different lines and shapes they could see as well as using the idea of “look, look, draw”. Below you can see some of the pictures in our gallery.

Our week ended with planning new pirate adventure stories for Jim Lad and Matilda, which the children will be writing next week and publishing on our writing wall. Don’t forget to have a look at our islands website enquiry page which can now be found next to year 2 under the children tab!

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