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Independent learners

Over the past few weeks, Y3 have been trying their best to work independently. When asked what working independtly means, the children said ‘ thinking for youself’, ‘getting on with your task by yourself’ and ‘getting the things you need for your work’

With this in mind, the children have been working hard on some independent tasks. In maths each week, each group of children have the opportunity to work with the teacher, the teaching assistant or independently. Y3 have showed me how independent they can be when faced with problem solving activities. All groups were able to select the appropriate strategies for each problem and discuss their working out with their partners.

In literacy, I have been impressed with the children’s attitude towards their independent writing and the effort they are putting into their presentation, I wonder who will get their pen licence after half term?

This idea of working independently has carried on through to our enquiry based tasks, when the children were asked to summarise their learning using book creator or popplet. Each group thought carefully about how they wanted to arrange their work and decided who was going to what. Each group produced a popplet, including photographs and paragraphs to share their learning of the Lake District end produced detailed information books about our plant enquiry. Well done Y3, keep up the independent learning!

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