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Sneetches and scooters

At lunchtime on Wednesday, I found myself on a scooter for the first time in many years! Somehow it was difficult to scoot and stay on course and I found myself going in the opposite direction from my colleagues. Of course, the children thought I was trying to gain some advantage in the race- I couldn’t possibly comment other than to say it was great fun. Each class had the opportunity to go outside and ride scooters across ramps and through cones. Y2 have created their own iMovie about the experience.

Earlier in the week, I had introduced the assembly theme of ‘celebrating difference’ by using the Dr Seuss story The Sneetches. The children enjoyed the story and were able to understand that the different sneetches were discriminating against each other. Following the assembly, the children commented with their thoughts on the display. As usual, our children showed their ability and values in their comments.

On Thursday we were treated to a very special assembly from our Y5 class. Over the past few weeks the class have been studying the narrative poem, The Highwayman. During the assembly the children recited the poem acting out the main aspects of the story and ended with the line’ love conquers all’-so romantic! It is great to see their confidence and their enjoyment and the support they get from their parents. Well done, Y5.

On Thursday evening Y6 parents joined myself, Mr Rhodes and Miss Sinclair to hear about the changes to Y6 SATs in 2016. We discussed the changes to the tests themselves and the new interim system for teacher assessment. We also tried to explain the new scaled score which will be reported for each child once they have taken the tests. The only confirmed information we have on this is that a child ‘at the expected standard’ will be awarded a scaled score of 100. This is a period of change and we still have many questions about the new SATs. Having said that, we reassured parents that we will prepare our children well, we will keep a sense of perspective about tests and we will work hard to protect their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum in Y6.

On Monday and Tuesday next week we will be holding our progress meetings with parents and carers. You will have received your appointment time and will have an opportunity to hear how your child has settled into their new class. Your child’s class teacher will have prepared a short report on their attitudes to learning and their targets in reading, writing and maths. We do hope you enjoy your visit and take the opportunity to look at the classroom and the children’s books.

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