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Year 2’s Scooter Experience

Year 2 were incredibly excited today when they arrived at school to see a scooter course had been set up on the playground. As children came into class there was a real buzz of excitement in the air as children chatted about what was going to happen and what it might be like! Luckily year 2 did not have too long to wait, as they were the second class to take on the scooter challenge. As the children went onto the playground they listened to the safety briefing from James and put on all their knee pads, elbow pads and helmets. As you can imagine, getting thirty sets of these onto a class of children is a challenge in its self!

All the children were provided with their own scooter and they went around the course in pairs. After an initial safety lap the children were fee to tackle the course at whatever speed they wanted and I was amazed at the speed that some children were able to gather and maintain around the course. Everyone really enjoyed the session, especially when the music came on. If you click the link below, there is  a short iMovie trailer so that you can get an idea of what the session was like. I was really impressed with all of the children and for the rest of the day they talked and laughed about the wonderful experience that they had taken part in. As a school we always try really hard to make memorable experiences for the children, because that’s when they learn best and what they remember when they get older.

The Scooter Experience

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