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Enquiring minds in Y5.

It’s been a jam packed week in Year 5. We have been working hard to explore and build our knowledge within the different enquiries we are working on.

In geography we have starting researching about the human and physical features we would find in the Arctic. The children focused on what the process of research involves; reading, thinking and checking if information is relevant then making succinct notes! A tricky task.

Following on from work on time zones last week, we talked about what causes night and day linking this to the movement of the earth. We created our own models, which showed the movement of the earth in relation to the sun. Children worked hard to understand and use the different key words accurately such as orbit, rotate and axis.

In maths we revisited work on reading coordinates and then linking this to work on reading longitude and latitude points on a map. The children soon got to grips with identifying Northern or Southern Hemispheres and reading the different eastern and western points.

At the end of the week the children started gathering ideas for writing their own extra chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have created their own story characters and invented a new room where an unfortunate accident will happen!? We will be spending part of next week writing our new chapters.

I can’t wait to read these next week.

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