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Greek pottery

Y3 have been getting creative by designing and painting their individual Greek pots this week. As part of the art progression route map, we started by sharing some examples of the end product and discussed how we were going to achieve it. Next the children looked at various images and video clips of Ancient Greek pots. As our conversations started to unfold, the children noticed that not all Greek pots were the same shape and size.

They identified the three main types of pot, the ”Amphora’, ‘Krater’ and the ‘Hydria’. After playing an online game to create different designs, they found out that each pot had a different purpose including storing water and mixing wine with water. ¬†Each child chose their favourite style of Greek pot and used this as inspiration for their own upcoming designs. Some children continued with their online designs at home and even brought in some extra work they had printed off!

Greek pottery often represented the Greek civilian’s daily life or often displayed different scenes to show what would have been going on during that period of time. Ideas included sporting scenes from the Olympic Games, hunting scenes for food and even marriage ceremonies. Repeating patterns around the neck and base of the pot were also extremely popular.

With this in mind, the children sketched 4 designs, incorporating the ideas from the images and video clips. Finally they chose one final design which they painted last week. Each group experimented by mixing their own shade of orange for their pot using a mixture of primary and secondary colours.

The children are really enjoying learning about how the Greeks have impacted on the present day. In particular, by comparing the Ancient Greek Olympics to the Modern day games. I have also enjoyed reading the children’s homework so far based on the Olympics and I look forward to reading even more pieces this week.
Well done Y3!

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