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Paragraphing and pens!

Y3 have had an exciting first week back!  We kicked started the half term by writing our independent superhero adventure stories. Before the half term break, we spent time looking at the importance of paragraphing and also paid close attention to setting and character descriptions.

With this in mind, each group created success criteria based on the question ‘what makes a good adventure story?’ Ideas included plenty of action, use of adjectives, dialogue and possible including a twist at the end!

On Monday, each group will look back over their stories and will look at ways to improve one part of their story. This redrafting part of the writing process has proved very important with the children. It allows them to identify their own spelling and grammar mistakes and discuss their errors with their shoulder partners. It is important that they see redrafting and editing as an integral part of the writing journey.

The children are also extremely excited to hear who will receive their pen licence this upcoming week.
Every day the children have been striving to improve their handwriting and have followed feedback and tips to help them improve their letter formation, ensuring that they consistently join their letters and use ascenders and descenders in all pieces of work.

This week, the first 10 children will be selected for their pen licence and will be awarded with their very own pen licence certificate during our pen ceremony. Who will our first group of 10 be?

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