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Sharing ideas, sport and spelling!

Last week Y3 completed their independent story writing based on Nat Fantastic and have now turned their attention to poetry!

Today, I shared what the children will be creating over the next few weeks and posed the question ‘What is poetry?’ Their ideas included ‘writing that rhymes’, ‘words that include a rhythm’ and ‘poems are often funny!’ I have displayed the children’s ideas on our literacy wall so that we can refer back to them during the week to see if their ideas were in fact correct. They finished the lesson by reading a selection of poems based on a variety of topics such as animals, food, school and sport! We finished by performing a few of our favourites! The children are now looking forward to tomorrow where they will identify the purpose, audience, language and layout of a new selection of interesting poems.

In PE this half term, the children have really enjoyed taking part in different invasion games. Every Tuesday afternoon, Connor from QFirst sports works with them on basic skills needed for invasion games. The children have now started to play a few small competitive games in groups. Tomorrow, the children will learn a new game which they can play at lunchtimes using the huff and puff equipment. Very exciting!

Finally, I would like to share how impressed I have been with the children’s attitude towards their spelling choices in their work. Not only are they checking their spelling mistakes with a dictionary, they are applying new words, that have been taught during our everyday spelling sessions, to their everyday learning! After working with small groups over the last few weeks, every child in the class can read a minimum of 45/50 of the Y3 key words, I am extremely proud! Keep up the super work Y3, you impress me every single day!

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