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The kindness boomerang

At the end of our whole school assembly on Monday morning we held a moment of quiet reflection whilst we listened to ‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.’ The theme for our assemblies was ‘contributing to the lives of others through kindness.’ I spoke to the children briefly about the fact that terrible things had happened in Paris over the weekend and we related this back to the values we cover in our assemblies.

We talked about how over the last two months we have been thinking about respect, effort, democracy and peace. We talked about our school community and how we value each other and our differences and are ‘brothers and sisters’ of sorts. When I asked the children why we do this one of our Y6 pupils simply said, ‘We do this so that we grow up to be nice people.’

We then started to think about our kindness theme. We talked about the way we can offer each other little acts of kindness across the day and how this can make us feel good whilst helping others. I introduced the children to the idea of a ‘kindness boomerang.’ I had a fridge magnet in the shape of a boomerang which had been given to me as a gift from Australia. Earlier in the day, I had greeted a member of the Y6 class as she came into school and held open the doors for her. We reflected that this was a simple act of kindness. I then challenged her to pass on the boomerang to one of her classmates across the course of the morning and for Y6 to pass it on to Y5 by the afternoon.

During the course of the week, the children passed the boomerang from class to class. If they had the boomerang in their possession and passed it on they were asked to write their name on our assembly board in the hall. By Friday the board was filled with names and the boomerang had arrived in YR after travelling through every class.

It was a delight to see the efforts the children made to be kind-even if it did cause a little bit of disruption in lessons from time to time! My final challenge was that the boomerang should be returned to me by the end of the week via an act of assembly on Monday morning I will let the children know if that happened!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is every wasted.” Aesop

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